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This holiday season, you can make a difference by sponsoring one of the animals in our care to help us provide care for the wildlife spending the winter with us or if you prefer, you could bring us an item from our winter wish list. We have many animals recieving medical treatment and overwintering with us. There are many wishes to choose from, select and purchase a wildlife wish today!  If you would prefer to bring us an item in person, contact us today at (317) 625-3404. You could also choose to purchase something from our Amazon Wish List (

Virtual Wildlife Wish Tree and Winter Wish List


    Turtles- $5 for turtle pellets and enrichment

    Opossums- $10 for more tasty produce and snacks!

    Raccoons- $15 for more dry straw to stay warm and tasty treats.

    Owls- $20 for medical bills and mice.

    Squirrels- $25 for Henry's Healthy Blocks so we get our vitamins!

    Bats- $30 for another bulk shipment of tasty mealworms

    Rehabber- $50 for the rehabber to buy what she needs most for the animals

    Sponsor all the wishes for $125.

    You may also pick an item from our winter wish list and deliver it in person or purchase an item from our Amazon Wish List. Of course, cash donations of any size are always welcomed. You can make a difference for wildlife.






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