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The Focus of Our Efforts

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Ways We Help


Helping the community members to see what a value our native wildlife is and what each person can do to help.


Providing guidance, help, and support to bring in orphaned, injured, and/or sick wildlife and get them the treatment they need in order to be wild again one day.


Providing care to the wildlife with the intent to release them as soon as the time is right.


Founded in 2022, Hancock Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization in Hancock County, Indiana.  We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife that is native to Indiana, and our intent is always to release the animal(s) in our care.  We strive to be a vital resource in our community, and hope to focus on educating the public on what each person can do to help protect and better serve our community.


Relevant, Important Updates

Expanding Our Facilities

As a new organization, we will be adding on for a while!  Our facilities includes both indoor and outdoor enclosures.  We hope to be able to accommodate anything from a tiny bat, squirrel, or bunny, to something as large as a deer.


In the News!

There are so many ways where YOU can help make a difference!

  • Volunteer to keep, take care of, and treat animals at your house:  This is a dedication, and requires training, supplies, knowledge, time, etc.

  • Volunteer to be a site where animals can be released when they are ready

  • Food donations for the wildlife - anything from fruit, nuts, vegetables, hay, formula, etc. 

  • Bedding donations for the wildlife - straw, wood chips, towels, blankets, etc. 

  • Sponsor an enclosure - monetary donation going towards building materials, or donate the materials themselves

  • Cash Donations - 100% goes toward taking care of the animals and ensuring they have whatever they need 

  • Purchasing any of Jen Hancock's quilling art or any of the logo materials directly helps the animals

Contact Us

Fortville, IN, USA



Call or Text:  317-625-3404

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