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Education Animals

Although our goal is to release the wildlife, sometimes rehabilitators treat an animal that winds up being non-releasable. If the animal is doing well in captivity, it can be permitted and kept as an education animal. These animals are not pets but remain in rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. They can be used in our educational programs.


Cleo is Hancock Wildlife Rescues first education animal. He is a male opossum. He joins us during educational programs to teach people about the value of opossums and wildlife conservation.


Cleo’s background:

Cleo came to the rescue on June 9, 2023 after being attacked by another animal. He had multiple bite wounds and was mentally “not totally there.” His wounds were treated and his body has healed as much as it can. He is a happy little guy but he would be unable to survive in the wild as he can’t do many opossum things like climb. 



Sherlock is a female red eared slider. She was purchased as a pet, but the previous owner could no longer keep her.  She now lives as a pet with our founder Jen Hancock and comes to educational programs to help people learn about turtles and other reptiles. Turtles live a long time and require lots of specialized care so research should always be done before you consider one as a pet. Turtles should never be taken from the wild.  Sherlock cannot be released because she is not from the wild and would not have the skills needed to survive.

Educational Programs/Classes

Educational Programs

We attend community events when we can and post information about our planned public educational programs on our facebook.  If you are interested in having us come out to your community event or private group, please contact us to see about scheduling a program. We can discuss topics you are interested in as well as any education animals we may be able to bring.  A donation is highly encouraged. We may require a fee.

Wildlife Art Classes- Quilling

Our founder, Jen Hancock, offers wildlife and nature themed quilling art classes to groups to benefit Hancock Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. If you are interested in hosting a group quilling class in your home or facility, please contact us to discuss details. Occasionally, we will plan a public class and post details on our facebook.  We do require a fee. We also sell our art at local craft fairs. You can contact us if you have a commission piece in mind. You can find more information on our Jen Hancock-Quilling page.

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